Kristin Peake

Meet Kristin

Kristin Peake’s design approach is characterized by the belief that there is richness in restraint. While every home takes its own form, develops its distinctive refrain, all are linked by an air of lightness, a generosity of space, that inspires you to breathe easy and move freely—to feel unfettered by fuss and instead, energized by artful intention and order. Engaging clients in this journey is her greatest joy.

Kristin works intimately with clients from coast to coast to learn the patterns of their lives and to layer their homes with lighting, texture, color, and custom pieces that gradually reveal their personalities, charm their senses, and gently usher them throughout their day. That lend a subtle, personal touch to every moment, and that resonate long after she’s left.


From where you first step foot into the morning light to where you stir your evening cocktail, decisions are tailored to sustain the delicate harmony between luxury and utility, the aesthetic and kinetic.

The hallmark of a Kristin Peake home is the devotion to detail and relationships that quietly propels her process.

She manages only a select number of projects to ensure she may dedicate herself fully to the families she serves, providing a concierge level of service and inimitable warmth that has distinguished her firm and her work for more than 25 years.

A beautiful home is like a ballet —

an intricate production that requires vision and revision, trust and technique, the careful choreography of countless details. It is our hope that when you experience your finished home for the first time, you are met with an impression of effortless grace—rooms that flow without seam and fill you with ease. The gift of a space that speaks to you, and for you.


Ashley Schubert

Ashley Schubert

Interior Designer

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David Smith

Chief Operating Officer

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Sabrina Yescas

Project and Creative Development Manager